Sunday, July 09, 2006

After: A Steek is Born

Lynda's finished zip cardigan
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After cutting the steek, basting and sewing in the zipper. Viola! Lynda's finished zip front cardigan. Now she has a sweater she will wear instead of something relegated to the bottom of a drawer or the back of a closet.

Before: A steek is born

First, we painstakingly counted all the stiches in the front of the sweater. This was made difficult by the fact that it is knit in a very tiny gauge and the chaotic atmosphere in my sisters house. With all of us there talking and laughing and stirring up the dogs, it was pretty difficult to keep on count.

Second, we sewed a basting line down the center front stitch of the sweater. I started it to show her how, then Lynda finished the basting.

Since Lynda is the experienced seamstress, she did the machine sewing. She machine stitched up one side of the center stitch and down the other side.

Contrary to popular fears, cutting steeks will not give you heart failure

I was visitng my family and my sister had a beautiful sweater that someone had brought her from Scotland. Problem: the sweater was a turtleneck. She does not wear turtlenecks. We examined the sweater with the possibility of making it into a v-neck in mind, but then decided that it would make a lovely zip front cardigan.

So I took time off from the Fair Isle

Knitted sweatshirt
Originally uploaded by Loretta.
I was doing a bit of traveling and didn't want to carry a million colors of yarn with me on the plane. This was a good project for the trip. It has a hood now. More pictures to come.

It's a Knitted sweatshirt with front pocket. I made it out of Cascade Sierra (50% cotton/50% wool). Based on the Wonderful Wallaby, but with several of my own modifications. I hadn't finished the hood in this picture. It's done now though and very comfortable. As soon as it gets cool again this sweater will get a lot of wear.