Saturday, April 08, 2006

A sweater is born

What the heck is it?
Originally uploaded by Loretta.
But when you look at it now you think, "What the heck is that thing? Long johns? and octopus cozy?" It's really Knit Picks Starburst Sweater knit in their Merino Style yarn. I started it last Saturday. I didn't have much time to knit last quarter because of my weird schedule. But the new quarter started this week and I can ride the bus to school instead of driving. That gives me lots more time to knit.

I've also bought the Palette Sampler Pack from Knit Picks and I'm going to start the sampler pack fair isle sweater soon. I was thinking about alternating weeks with these two sweaters, but I think I'll finish the right front on the Starburst before I start the fair isle.

This is my first experience with Knit Picks yarn and patterns and I'm very pleased so far. I really love that they have come out with a line of affordable and beautiful yarns. As I've been knitting on the Starburst, I've been thinking of all the other great things I can knit with the Merino Style. The patterns, so far, are well written. The thing I really like about the fair isle pattern is that the charts are printed in color. I much prefer classic yarns to all the new novelty yarns and Knit Picks has a lovely and reasonably priced selection.